Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Glossy Box - July 2013 update

You might have seen my post a few weeks ago on my July Glossybox but now i've properly had a chance to try out all the products i thought i'd give you a little update.
Ciate Paint Pot in Access All Areas
Ciate have been a brand of nail varnish I have wanted to try for ages, especially since the intruction of the Caviar manicure, still looks totally amazing, but the price usually puts me off. This was a full size polish which would usually retail at £9 so i think its an amazing product to be included in the Glossy Box, this months box has practically paid for itself already with just one item!
I love the bottle design and think the little black bows are so so cute, definitely what attracts me to begin with.
Access All Areas is a dark coral/red and i do love the shade. I think a few different colour options were packed in the Glossy boxes this month but i'm glad i received this one as its different to anything i already have. However i dont particularly like the finish of the polish, its a little too shiny for my liking..which i know is a weird thing to complain about but it just looks wet rather than healthy gloss shine if that makes sense and i found the polish didnt last long on my nails at all it has only been on my nails for a day or two and is already chipped to shreds.
Would i buy another Ciate Paint Pot based on this? Probably not
Am i still desperate to get my hands on the Caviar manicure series? Absolutely. Everyone deserves a second chance right?
Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist
This tousled texture mist is quite a hit in my book. I don't very often go for the "tousled" effect as my hair is very thick and curly so sprays like this usually give me extra volume which i don't need but this mist did not do that. I did have to use quite a lot of product, considering the sample is pretty small but eventually got the look i was after. I prefer to spray onto damp hair rather than dry but you can do either and the product wasn't overly sticky and i didn't feel like i had lots of product build up in my hair at the end of the day - hate that feeling.
Would i buy this product? For £23 probably not, it would be a bit of a splurge but i would definitely recommend it if you can afford it
Anatomicals Spray Misty for Me facial spritz
I definitely love this product. Spray Misty for Me is a facial spray designed to refresh, rehydrate and calm skin. A plus is that it can be used on Normal, Dry or Sensitive skin so is pretty much perfect for everyone. The sample included in this months box is a really good size and i expect it's going to last for ages.
This has been popped in my handbag and i've found myself reaching for it quite a lot, especially with all the hot weather we've had recently - its a perfect refresher. The spray smells faintly of lavender (a smell that i'm not usually a fan of) and peppermint but it really isn't overpowering at all, think barely there. I've also found this product really good at helping to set my makeup.
Would i buy this product? For £6 definitely
Sleek Pout Paint in Pin Up and Cloud 9
Straight away i was excited to see Sleek in my box as they are not a brand that i'm hugely familiar with so i was looking forward to trying out not one but two lovely pout paints. I received Pin Up which is a deep bright red (the name is very appropriate) and Cloud 9 which was an unusual colour for a lip product - white!
Pout paints are designed to be used mixed with each other (or other lip products) to create new shades, hence the don't need to go around with Snow Queen lips don't worry!
In the tube Pin Up looks incredibly pigmented and i was expecting great things to be honest but when it actually came to application i was disappointed as it was thinner than i expected and more glossy rather than matte lipstick like i was expecting. When applied over a lipstick i love it. The texture is really soft and silky and feels lovely on the lips. As for the white i haven't experimented hugely yet but was able to make some new shades of pink by mixing a blob with various MAC lippies.
Would i buy this product? Maybe not the coloured versions but i like the idea of the white and blue for mixing with other shades. You can purchase Sleek Pout Paints on their website here for approx. $6 so around £4.99 i believe.
Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint
I have very fair skin being a red head so SPF is always inportant to me in a product. However i would rather keep my sun care and skin care separate where at all possible as i feel each product does a better job individually rather than when they are combined.
On application the tint went onto my skin smoothly with no greasy residue like you get from some sun care products. The smell of rose was very faint which is a good thing in my opinion, nobody likes to put an overbearing scent on their face, and the tinted moisturiser aspect was pretty non-existant like i usually find with tinted moisturisers. I'm afraid i just don't get on with them, i get the idea that your skin can breath etc but they just dont have anywhere near enough coverage for my liking. I'm very much an all or nothing girl, in my opinion there's no point bothering with barely there products and im afraid this was one of them.
Would i purchase this product? No i'm afraid not. It retails at £29.99 for 50ml making my sample worth £4.19

TOTAL BOX WORTH: £29.17 (minus the texture mist)
All in all i have been so happy with my first Glossy Box. I'm definitely looking forward to reviewing lots more products in the future!