Friday, 9 August 2013

DVA Beautique Natural Eyelash Extensions

As i already mentioned here last month i found a great deal on Groupon for eyelash extensions with DVA Beautique at Westfield Stratford and tuesday was the day i'd finally managed to get an evening appoinment and was booked in for.
I had never heard of DVA Beautique before i booked but after doing a little research i discovered they are one of those pop up stalls in the middle of the shopping mall where you can get your eyebrows threaded, lash extensions, lash tinting and semi permanemt makeup. They have a branch in the Westfield Stratford shopping centre and one at Westfield City (Shepherds Bush).
The Westfield Stratford branch that i went to is located on the first floor by La Senza and H&M. The stand was busy which i always think is a good thing and a nice lady seated me and gave me a new customer questionnaire to fill it - questions re any allergies and such.
Now i bought the deal which gave me their Natural eyelashes which are normally £55, i paid £19 so was considering it as quite a bargain.
As it turns out natural lashes are much more natural than i imagined. There are no photos of natural lashes on their website, only the standard full set which was a bit misleading and to be honest i am one of the girls that likes big lashes, the bigger the better so i was already assuming anything that used the word natural wouldn't be to my taste.
The lash extensions took around 15mins to apply, as advertised and i would say an extension is applied to every 3rd or 4th lash, rather than every single one like you would get with a full set of eyelashes. I do however still like the overall outcome and for a natural everyday look these lashes are perfect. I would say my eyes now look like i already have a couple of layers of mascara on and a little bit longer - when i actually can have no eye makeup on at all. I'm finding this really handy day-to-day and to be honest i can get away with being abit lazy and not having to do my eye makeup on the train every morning like i have been doing previously.
The lashes have been on for a couple of days and are still going strong, i don't think i've lost a single one yet but i will keep you posted on that. They are supposed to last up to 2 weeks so we shall see. In comparison to other semi-permanent lash glue i have previously used i am hopeful though. These do seem very stuck.
With lash extensions on the left - before lash extensions with no makeup on the right

If i was going out for the night i would apply more lashes and makeup but as i said i do like the over the top fake look.
Ultimately do i like these eyelash extensions? YES. Were they worth £19? Most definitely.
Would I recommend DVA Beautique? Absolutely. Check them out for yourself here
Have you tried eyelash extensions? Any hints or tips for me?