Thursday, 25 July 2013

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge - the name on everyone's lips

Okay so technically not so much of a beauty blog but lets be honest gorgeous Prince George is all anybody is talking about this week!

image: PA
i seem to have got rather involved & everyone in my office was eagerly listening for news that the future King had arrived. that still seems weird to say...i have witnessed our future King be born. its all very exciting. Prince George really is so so sweet, i think his mum & dad have picked the perfect name for him and his little hands poking out of the blanket giving a royal wave was the cutest thing i've ever seen *welling up here, again*
image: Getty Images

I think Kate & Wills seem like such a lovely couple, they genuinely seem really happy together and i think they'll be pretty down to earth parents and be very hands on. apparently they've already said they won't be employing a nanny.

Kate just looked amazing when they came out to present Prince George to the world let alone for somebody who only gave birth the day before! i hope i look that good for the photos when i've had a baby. Her hair & makeup were understated but perfect and she wore a gorgeous bespoke cornflower blue crepe de chine dress by British designer Jenny Packham, simple but effortlessly chic. The dress pretty much sold out instantly (as you can imagine) but it can be found here and is thought to have cost anywhere between £2,000-3,000.

It was so refreshing to see Kate still obviously sporting her post-birth baby bump, and proud of it! All we ever get to see in the media is all these celebs who magically lose their baby weight instantly, when obviously it's not like that for everybody and something lots of people have to work really hard to do.

wearing a pale blue polka dot dress was the perfect tribute to Princess Diana who wore very similar 31yrs ago when her & Charlie introduced Prince William to the world
I'm such a fan of our Royal Family, did you all watch the Royal baby coverage like me?