Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara Black

About a month ago i picked this little beaut up in Superdrug before a weekend away, my boyfriend was treating me to some makeup for my birthday and this caught my attention at the till, on offer for £5.99 (obviously had to be tried!)

As far as im aware this is the first Gel mousse mascara on the market and to be honest i was sceptical.
Maybelline claim Our new formula with 40% less hard waxes* and flexor brush create massive lush volume. Soft to the touch. Plush it Up!
*Vs.our Classic Volum' Expresss Mascara.

The packaging is very similar to all the other Maybelline mascaras, bright and eye catching.

Suprisingly i have to say i absolutely love this mascara. I wouldn't say the actual mascara gel looks any different than a regular liquid mascara would and
it applies just the same,  maybe it helps the brush glide through my lashes a little easier?

What i have really noticed with the gel formula is that your eyelashes don't dry hard or brittle. You know how when you're wearing regular liquid mascara if you accidentally rubbed your eyes your mascara would flake off and lashes would fall out. This really doesn't seem to happen with a gel formula. My eyelashes feel much more bendy and have more elasticity to them, this mascara can't be picked off in clumps like regular mascara could.

 The brush provided is a pretty standard Maybelline mascara brush, very similar to their Colossal mascara which im a big fan of. The wand is more bendy than usual which gives great flexibility and enables you to get right in there and coat each lash individually as you please.

I have definitely noticed more volume in my lashes when using this mascara and haven't found it to clump or dry up (two of my pet hates with mascara). I'm a big fan of huge fake lashes so the bigger the better as far as I'm concerned and this mascara does that fantastically.

Before (please excuse the messy brows ;))
Maybelline Mega Plus Mascara Black retails at £7.99 and you can find it at any Maybelline counter or online.

Have you tried this mascara or any other Maybelline mascaras? What is your favourite mascara?

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